Cover Reveal for Warlock & Wyrm

Coming Soon--Warlock & Wyrm, Book III of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy.

While Jetsam saved his mentor Seryn from execution, a shape-shifting imposter poisoned the royal couple and kidnapped Princess Giselle. As the fugitive wizard Seryn struggles to cure his brother and his love from the changeling's deadly toxin, Jetsam abandons him to search for the abducted princess.

Aided by his orphan ally and loyal terrier, Jetsam discovers the princess's abductor is the pawn of a supreme evil. The reappearance of this legendary warlock and his monstrous horde spells doom for the Oxbow Kingdom. Can Jetsam save the heir to the throne? Will he return in time to warn Seryn of the impending peril? And does their combined magic stand a chance against the Grimlord and his minions?

Author update: As you can see, I'm getting close to the release of Warlock & Wyrm. I'm still working with my beta readers to crush all the typos, improve readability, and smooth any hidden plot potholes, s…

More info on Amazon Ads

Due to the roughly 3-day lag on Amazon's ad dashboard (i.e., "Campaign metrics may take up to 3 days to appear"), my prior post about getting enough impressions at $0.11 to $0.13 cost per click (CPC) turned out to be inaccurate. After I lowered my CPCs to these levels, I saw a large drop-off in impressions and sales.

As Carol Buhler mentioned in the comments on my last post, the CPC is your 'maximum bid" amount in which you compete with other sellers for Amazon ad space. It appears dipping beneath a CPC of around $0.16 began to significantly reduce my bidding power. I understand the ad sales model is a dynamic market and winning bid rates likely fluctuate for many reasons. I'm currently experimenting with several different ads, and it appears CPC bids in the $0.20 to $0.30 range are winning a fair amount of impressions.

I have noticed some ads perform in spurts, getting a lot of impressions over a period and then 'cooling off' without me changing any…

Amazon Ads Progress Update

I've been experimenting with Amazon ads for about a month now, and have some additional insight and tips to share. Unfortunately, it's been a long, strange trip, and explaining things clearly required a very long post. Please understand, this is just a summary of my attempts to navigate the Amazon advertising system and share what I've learned. What is working today may not work tomorrow, and results will certainly vary by user.

When advertising on Amazon, the options abound, and finding the right mix of all the variables can take time as well as money. I'll start by explaining my mistakes. My first was choosing to target "By Product" instead of "By Interest." This was my own intuitive choice in thinking that buyers of similar books are a better target than customers based on interest categories. Turns out I was wrong (in my case, at least).

After implementing the game plan I outlined in my last post, my ads were getting almost no impressions (i.e.,…

Amazon Ads, A Second Try

After reading the excellent advice provided by authors C. L. Murray (on his blog) and Shawn Inmon (at Indies Unlimited) regarding advertising books on Amazon, I decided to give Amazon Ads another try while incorporating their helpful suggestions. If you recall, my first foray into Amazon ads was a complete miss. Here's a step-by-step chronological list of how I constructed my latest Amazon ad (which starts running today):

At the suggestion of C. L. Murray, I selected a Product Display Ad (last time, I chose the other ad option).For the ebook to advertise, I chose Crimson & Cream (book one of the trilogy, instead of book two, like last time). I'm hoping the first book of the series may be more enticing to potential readers, and lead to follow-up sales of my other book(s).I chose to target "By Product" instead of "By Interest." This was my own intuitive choice in thinking that buyers of similar books are a better target than customers based on interest cat…