The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy Box Set

After September's release of Warlock & Wyrm, Book III of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy, I decided to prepare an eBook compilation of all three books (or 'Box Set,' if you will). The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy compilation contains the titles Crimson & Cream, Mirrors & Mist, and Warlock & Wyrm, back-to-back-to back in one eBook. At $9.99, the box set is priced a dollar cheaper than the combined cost of the three individual eBooks.

Starting today, I'm running a Kindle Countdown Deal on The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy compilation. You can grab the three-book eBook for only $1.99 today on Amazon. After that, the price increases by a dollar each day until the sale ends on December 8.

In addition to shilling the compilation here on my blog, I'm also advertising on Amazon, Book Barbarian, Booksends, BookDoggy, BKnights, and KBoards. If you're looking for a gift for a fantasy reader (or yourself), Crimson & Cream, Mirrors & Mist, and Warlock & Wyrm have a c…

Create Space vs. KDP for Paperbacks

Last month I blogged about publishing an existing ebook as a paperback using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform (as opposed to Create Space, also owned by Amazon). Because I experienced some problems and delays during the KDP process for Crimson & Cream, I decided to publish my next paperback (Mirrors & Mist) on Create Space and compare the two.

As you may expect with platforms owned by the same company, both the Create Space and KDP systems are very similar. The online digital review interface is essentially identical (once Amazon bought Create Space, they appear to have used the same software for KDP). Regarding the final product, the paperback quality appears indistinguishable, and I was satisfied with the book quality from both services (see photo below). It's possible that since Amazon owns both companies, they may share a common printing process, but I don't know this for certain.

KDP allows you see your digital cover sooner in the process than …

Warlock & Wyrm Countdown Deal

Warlock & Wyrm, Book III of The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy is on sale today at Amazon for 99 cents. After today, the price goes up by a dollar a day, until it returns to the regular $4.99 price. Grab your ebook now!

The 5-star reviews for Warlock & Wyrm are rolling in:

Tome Tender Book Blog: "Once in a while an author creates a world that combines humor, action, danger and the grit of a desperate battle for survival, transporting readers out of their reading chair and into the heart of the unfolding tale. C.M. Skiera has done that with his Oxbow Trilogy, building a world of fantasy that is filled with characters that will steal your heart, characters that will raise your ire and evil that seems insurmountable!"

    "Warlock & Wyrm is the stunning conclusion to an epic tale of survival, coming of age, allegiance and sacrifice that hits with the force of a tsunami, page after page! C.M. Skiera has built a world to believe in, heroes to cheer for and tension that nev…

Amazon Paperbacks

If you publish an eBook using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), it prompts you to create a paperback version of your eBook via KDP (as opposed to Create Space, which is also owned by Amazon). After updating Crimson & Cream to a new version, on a whim, I continued the process of setting up a paperback through KDP. I had never used Create Space, so this was my first attempt at creating a paperback myself.

My first run through the process found several formatting issues I needed to address to convert my eBook manuscript to paperback. In retrospect, I recommend downloading an Amazon paperback template prior to formatting your document. Even if you don't paste your novel into the template, the 'Template with Sample Content' is a great resource to use as a reference when formatting your novel for print.

I found the official Amazon help pages somewhat hard to find, so if you're having the same problem, make sure you check out these official links:

Getting Starte…